Terms & Conditions

I. Terms of Service

1. Responsibility of the User:

When accessing this website, you agree to accept all risks. Cocoro Life Vietnam and its partners are not responsible for any losses resulting from direct, incidental, or indirect consequences; losses, expenses (including legal fees, consulting fees or other expenditures) that may arise directly or indirectly from accessing the website or when downloading data to your device; damages you encounter due to viruses, direct or indirect destructive actions of other computer systems, telephone lines, hardware, software, program errors, or any other errors; slow transmission of computers or network connections...

2. About the content on the website:

All information here is provided to you truthfully as the facts. COCORO Life Vietnam is not responsible for any consequences related to your use of the content on this website. Although COCORO Life Vietnam always strives to regularly update content on the website, we do not guarantee that the information is the latest, accurate, and complete.

3. About copyright:

COCORO Life Vietnam is the owner of this website. The authority to edit the website, update and change any content belongs to COCORO Life Vietnam. Any edits, changes, distribution or reuse of the content on this website for any purpose is considered a violation of the legitimate rights of COCORO Life Vietnam.

4. About the use of information:

We will not use your personal information on this website without permission. If you agree to provide personal information, you will be protected. Your personal information will be used for the purpose of contacting you to announce updates of COCORO Life Vietnam, information about new products, promotional programs via email or mail. Your personal information will not be sent to anyone for use except COCORO Life Vietnam and necessary extensions for you to participate in other websites (service providers, partners, advertising companies) and/or as required by law. If we share your personal information with service providers, advertising companies, related partners, we also require them to protect your personal information as we do.

5. About downloading data:

If you download software from this website, the software and the downloaded data still belong to COCORO Life Vietnam. You are allowed to use but not own the downloaded software and you are not allowed to sell, distribute, or crack the software...

6. Change of content:

COCORO Life Vietnam reserves the right to change, edit and remove information at any time for any reason.

7. Links to other websites:

Although this website may be linked to other websites, COCORO Life Vietnam does not directly or indirectly endorse, organize, sponsor, stand behind or merge with them, unless this is clearly stated. When accessing this website, you must understand and accept that COCORO Life Vietnam cannot control all the websites linked to COCORO Life Vietnam's website and is not responsible for the content of those linked websites.

8. Posting information on the website:

You are not allowed to post or upload to the website any pornographic, vulgar, offensive, defamatory, derogatory, threatening, illegal information or information that could lead to a violation of the law, legal responsibility. COCORO Life Vietnam and all parties involved in building and managing the website are not responsible or legally liable for any arising from the content you upload to the website.

COCORO Life Vietnam has the right to review and remove any information violating the above regulations.

9. Applicable law:

All activities arising from the website must comply with the regulations of Vietnamese law.

II. General Regulations

A. General Transaction Conditions

1. Trademark Copyright

Cocorolife.vn is the official E-Commerce website. All information, symbols, images, texts, and the display format of COCORO Life Vietnam have been copyrighted for the Cocorolife.vn website.

The use of images and content on the Cocorolife.vn website must be approved and the source must be clearly stated.  

The information and images on the website can change without prior notice. Customers are kindly requested to check regularly for the latest updates from us.

2. Goods and Pricing Policy

In the event that COCORO Life Vietnam products are displayed with incorrect prices or information due to errors from the supplier or due to data entry errors or technical errors, COCORO Life Vietnam has the right to refuse or cancel orders. All final decisions related to the order belong to COCORO Life Vietnam.

In order to ensure fairness for the end consumers of COCORO Life Vietnam, we reserve the right to not accept orders from agents, wholesale units, business organizations that buy and resell COCORO Life Vietnam products provided by COCORO Life Vietnam.

COCORO Life Vietnam will strive to provide the most accurate information about COCORO Life Vietnam products and prices to consumers. However, sometimes errors do occur, such as when the price of COCORO Life Vietnam products is not displayed correctly on the website or is priced incorrectly. Depending on the situation, we will contact to guide or notify the cancellation of the order to the customer. COCORO Life Vietnam also reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, whether the order has been confirmed or paid for or not.

In the event that the customer has completed payment but the order is canceled, the entire amount that the customer has paid will be fully refunded.

3. Dispute Resolution / Complaint Handling

When conducting transactions at COCORO Life Vietnam, customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate information. In case customers enter incorrect information and send it to the Cocorolife.vn website, COCORO Life Vietnam has the right to refuse to execute the transaction.  

In case of disputes or complaints, COCORO Life Vietnam encourages efforts to resolve disputes through negotiation, conciliation to reach an agreement on the solution. If both parties cannot reach an agreement and request COCORO Life Vietnam to mediate. The decision of COCORO Life Vietnam is final.

In the case of incorrect information arising from COCORO Life Vietnam and COCORO Life Vietnam can prove that it is a system error or from a third party (incorrect price of COCORO Life Vietnam products, incorrect origin, ...), COCORO Life Vietnam has the right to not carry out the erroneous transaction and proceed to cancel the order. In order to best protect the interests of customers, COCORO Life Vietnam can decide to support customers with a discount code for the next shopping times with the denomination depending on each specific case.

4. Order Processing Time

Your order will be checked every day by the Online Sales department of COCORO Life Vietnam, to ensure that the order is correct and the payment method is valid. 

If the COCORO Life Vietnam product you order is still in stock, COCORO Life Vietnam will quickly ship the COCORO Life Vietnam product from the warehouse to the address provided by the customer. In case the COCORO Life Vietnam product is out of stock, COCORO Life Vietnam has the right to cancel the order or contact the customer to inform about the status of the order, along with the earliest possible time to fulfill the customer's order. 

On special peak days, the increased number of orders may cause your order to be processed slower than normal days.

If customers use the shipping service of COCORO Life Vietnam, we are responsible for the goods in case of loss or damage during the transport to customers.  

If customers use the shipping service of a partner provided by COCORO Life Vietnam, the partner will be responsible for the goods in case of loss or damage during the transport.  

If you transport by yourself with your own means, you will be responsible for the risks, losses or damages that may occur during transport.  

Customers are responsible for checking the goods immediately upon receipt. If any problems such as scratches, breakages, damages, missing parts, or wrong goods are detected, customers need to immediately report to the delivery staff and proceed to sign the confirmation record of the goods status.  

After the customer signs confirming the normal status of the goods, without any problems, COCORO Life Vietnam no longer bears responsibility for notifications of scratches, damages, breakages, or wrong goods from customers.

B. Customer Transaction Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of the policy

In order to protect the personal information of customers when transacting on the Cocorolife.vn E-commerce website, COCORO Life Vietnam has proposed a Customer Transaction Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy). In this Policy, COCORO Life Vietnam will clearly state important categories in the payment transaction security process, including: The purpose of collecting personal data from customers, Type of information collected, Information storage time, Sharing information with third parties, Using customer information, Customer rights to information on the website, Methods of using cookies on the website and updating security commitments.

2. Specific regulations of the Policy

All customer information when shopping on the website will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties in any form.

This policy announces how the website collects, stores, and processes information or personal data ("Personal Information") of customers.

COCORO Life Vietnam commits to securing customers' Personal Information, will make every effort and use appropriate measures to ensure that the information provided by customers to the website is secure and protected from unauthorized access. However, COCORO Life Vietnam cannot guarantee to prevent all unauthorized accesses. In the event of unauthorized access beyond control, COCORO Life Vietnam will not be responsible in any form for any claims, disputes or damages arising from or related to that unauthorized access. 

COCORO Life Vietnam makes the following commitments in accordance with the regulations of Vietnamese law, which includes the ways in which COCORO Life Vietnam uses to secure customer information.

2.1. Purpose of collecting personal information

To execute and manage customer orders.

To perform and manage the use of goods transportation services.

To implement and manage marketing activities, provide promotional information, new offers related to COCORO Life Vietnam products and website services.

To provide solutions for upgrading and changing services to serve customer needs.

To manage, analyze, evaluate data related to customer data to build suitable sales policies and customer service policies.

To receive information, suggestions, proposals, complaints from customers to improve the quality of the website's services.

To contact customers to resolve customer requests.

To ensure security and safety for online payment transactions.

2.2. Type of Information Collected

Full name, gender, and date of birth.

Telephone number, mailing address, email address, and fax number.

Payment information if payment is made by credit or debit card, such as cardholder's name, card number, and expiration date.

Customer's business information such as business name, business address, and tax number.

Other information to serve the Loyalty Program, such as home address, mobile phone number, personal email address, habits, preferences, and information related to the customer's special needs.

These personal details are required for specific services, and customers have the right to refuse or not to provide all the required information.

COCORO Life Vietnam needs customer support to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the collected information. Therefore, customers can notify COCORO Life Vietnam   of any changes in their personal information by contacting COCORO Life Vietnam in the forms published on the website.

2.3. Storage Time of Collected Information

The collected information will be stored until the customer requests cancellation, otherwise, in all cases, it will be secured on COCORO Life Vietnam's server.

2.4. About sharing collected information

COCORO Life Vietnam may disclose collected information to third parties to comply with legal requirements, enforce COCORO Life Vietnam's policies. This information will be disclosed as prescribed by law and COCORO Life Vietnam may share this information with:

- Third parties to provide general content and services (such as registration, transactions, and customer support) and to guide on products, services, and contact information of third parties. These third parties will use this information to send you marketing contact information only when you request their services. 

- Other third parties that you request COCORO Life Vietnam to send your information to (or the party you agree to when using a specific other service). 

- Government agencies or third parties to respond to information requests related to criminal investigations, alleged illegal activities, or any other activities that may expose COCORO Life Vietnam. The disclosed personal information may include user ID and user ID history, name, city, district, phone number, email address, or anything else that COCORO Life Vietnam deems relevant. 

- Other agencies involved in fraud investigations, intellectual property infringement, copyright infringement, or other illegal activities, depending on the decision of COCORO Life Vietnam that it is necessary or appropriate, or according to the privacy agreement or at the request of the law.

2.5. On the use of collected information

COCORO Life Vietnam may transfer customer information to other companies within the group, agents, and subcontractors within the framework of the Privacy Policy.

For example, COCORO Life Vietnam will ask third parties to analyze data, market, and provide customer support services. COCORO Life Vietnam may exchange information with third parties for the purpose of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction. COCORO Life Vietnam may transfer a database including your personal information if COCORO Life Vietnam sells the entire company or just a part of it.

Under the Privacy Policy, COCORO Life Vietnam does not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties WITHOUT prior consent unless this is necessary for terms in the Privacy Policy or COCORO Life Vietnam is required to do so under the law.

The website may include third-party advertisements and links to other websites or frames of other websites. Please note that Cocorolife.vn is not responsible for the privacy of information or content of third parties or other websites, or any third party to which Cocorolife.vn transfers data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

2.6. The rights of Customers with respect to collected Personal Information

Any customer who voluntarily provides Personal Information to COCORO Life Vietnam has the following rights: 

Request to review collected information; 

Request to copy collected information; 

Request to correct, supplement collected information (for Customers receiving information via e-newsletter and members of the Loyal Customer Program, Customers can access and edit their information by logging into their account on the website); 

Request to stop collecting information; 

Request to delete collected information;

Customers can exercise these rights by accessing the website themselves or contacting the COCORO Life Vietnam Management Board via email or the contact address published on the website; 

In case the Customer provides COCORO Life Vietnam with incorrect or incomplete personal information, COCORO Life Vietnam cannot protect the Customer's privacy rights as prescribed above.

2.7. On the use of Cookies on COCORO Life Vietnam's website

Cookies are used by COCORO Life Vietnam to remember the status of the products Customers viewed in their last visit in order to return this status to the Customer when visiting next time. 

Accepting cookies is not a requirement when accessing the web. However, COCORO Life Vietnam would like to point out that using features on the web and placing orders can only be done when cookie files are activated. COCORO Life Vietnam only uses cookies to make your use of the website convenient and does not collect or use any other information about you. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. By using this website, you agree that Google processes your data in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

2.8. Regarding the update of the Privacy Commitment

The personal information of customers is absolutely confidential in accordance with the personal information protection policy of COCORO Life Vietnam. The collection and use of information is only performed with the consent of the customer, except in cases where the law prescribes otherwise.

We do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to a third party about personal information without the individual's consent.

In the event that the information storage server is attacked by hackers leading to the loss of personal data, COCORO Life Vietnam will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities in a timely manner.

The COCORO Life Vietnam management board requires individuals when registering / purchasing as a member, to provide full relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, identity card number, phone, account number, payment card number ..., and is responsible for the accuracy of the above information. The COCORO Life Vietnam management board is not responsible for and does not resolve any complaints related to the rights of the individual if it is found that all the provided information is not accurate.

COCORO Life Vietnam will revise this Privacy Commitment at any time as necessary, the updated version will be announced on the Cocorolife.vn website and will be dated so that customers can recognize the latest version.


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