Odor Filter FZ-G40DFE

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  • Odor filter for KC-G40EV-W, KC-G50EV-W models
  • Lifespan: 10 years
  • Color: Black and white

Key Features of the Sharp Deodorizing Filter Set:

  • The deodorizing filter is composed of odor-absorbing, detoxifying, and anti-allergenic substances that can filter out odors, clean the air, and remove allergenic and toxic agents that affect human health such as: dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen,...
  • The filter's frame is made of durable material, and it is designed with suitable dimensions to be applied to the Sharp KC-G40EV-W and KC-G50EV-W air purifier and humidifier models.
  • The filter performs well, is highly durable, and on average can be used continuously for 10 years (depending on the air quality in your home, the filter may need to be replaced sooner).

Instructions for use:

  • Clean the air purifier before installing/replacing the new Sharp air filter.
  • Remove the nylon layers of the new filter set before replacing the old filter.
  • Regularly clean the filter about every 2 weeks for optimal filtering efficiency.
Note: Do not clean with water and do not use large-capacity vacuum cleaners or hard objects that may change the structure and reduce the dust filtering ability.
Corresponding Product Code KC-G40EV-W, KC-G50EV-W
Color Black White
Type Replacement Filter for Sharp Air Purifier
Lifespan 10 years
Warranty Type No Warranty
Origin China
Product Dimensions (Height x Length x Depth) 11 x 220 x 400
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