Mosquito Catcher Adhesive Sheet FZ-STS2M

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  • Mosquito trap sticky sheet for FP-GM30E-B, FP-GM50E-B, FP-JM30V-B, FP-JM40V-B models
  • Usage duration: 2 months
  • Quantity: 3 adhesive layers in one sheet
  • Made 100% from harmless adhesive materials
  • Effectively traps mosquitoes and small insects indoors
  • Easy to replace

Key Features of the Product:

  • The Sharp Mosquito Catching Glue Sheet FZ-STS2M is made from harmless adhesive material.
  • Compatible with various Sharp mosquito-catching air purifier models: FP-GM30E-B, FP-GM50E-B, FP-JM30V-B, FP-JM40V-B.
  • Composed of 3 adhesive layers in one mosquito-catching glue sheet; the glue has excellent adhesive properties, effectively catching mosquitoes and insects.
  • High durability, can be used for about 2 months.
  • Easy to use and replace.
  • The material is non-toxic, effectively catches mosquitoes, and does not affect humans.
  • Genuine product following Japanese technology, manufactured in Thailand.

Instructions for Use:  

  • Read the instructions carefully before use. Install the glue sheet correctly in the right place.
  • Peel off the protective mica layer to start using.
  • When it has expired or is full of mosquitoes, remove it and replace it with a new layer.

Note:Regular checks for timely replacement can help achieve better mosquito-catching effectiveness.

Corresponding Product Code FP-GM30E-B , FP-GM50E-B, FP-JM30V-B, FP-JM40V-B
Type Mosquito Catching Adhesive
Lifespan 2 months
Warranty Type No Warranty
Origin Thailand
Product Dimensions (Height x Length x Depth) 299 x 200 x 3
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