Mechanical Microwave Oven R-32A2VN-S

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  • Power 900W.
  • 6 power levels
  • 30-minute timer setting.
  • Compact size to save space.
  • Pull handle.
  • Vietnamese - English control panel.

The 23-liter capacity microwave oven is conveniently used for cooking in a family kitchen of about 3 - 5 members. The oven is compact in size, modern in design, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install in any kitchen space.

The Sharp microwave is equipped with a high durability stainless steel oven cavity that is resistant to corrosion, less sticky, and easy to clean.

This helps to ensure safe cooking and maintaining the newness of the appliance.

The maximum power of 900W allows the oven to cook quickly, and it can be adjusted according to 6 preset power levels to suit each dish.

This effectively saves time and energy, while also ensuring that the food is cooked to the best taste.

The microwave oven has 3 basic functions including cooking, reheating, and defrosting. They are simple and very easy to use, suitable for all user groups.

The oven cavity has a light that makes it easy to observe inside the oven while cooking, without having to open the oven door to check the cooking process, making it more convenient, safe, and time-saving.

The oven integrates a bell to alert when cooking is finished so that users can easily recognize and remove the food from the oven.


Capacity 23
Color Silver
Microwave power level 6
Weight (kg) 14.1
External Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 483x281X393
Turntable/Plate Size (mm) Yes/270
Microwave Power Source 220V/50Hz
Microwave Consumption (W) 1400
Microwave (W) 900
Timer Mode (minutes) 30
Warranty 12 months
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