J-Tech Inverter Series Air Conditioner AH-XP10YMW

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  • New and modern design suitable for Vietnamese homes
  • Save up to 65% energy with J-Tech Inverter technology
  • Cools faster by 40%, reduces up to 5 degrees C in 5 minutes  
  • Provides comfort with Plasmacluster ION 7000 sterilization technology, 15m Coanda air flow, Baby mode, Best Sleep, Breeze
  • High durability with 7 protection functions, anti-corrosion green heat exchanger, 10-year warranty for the compressor

Save up to 65% with J-Tech Inverter technology and Eco mode

Sharp air conditioners with J-Tech Inverter technology can adjust the cooling power in 15 levels, helping to regulate and maintain an optimal cold temperature, which significantly reduces power consumption. 

At the same time, Sharp air conditioners are integrated with an Eco mode, helping the units to operate with low energy consumption while still maintaining the ideal temperature inside the room. 

Enjoy immediate coolness with Super Jet

When the Super Jet mode is activated, Sharp air conditioners can instantly reduce temperature by 5 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes, helping the room quickly reach the set temperature and providing a cool space for users. 

Optimal germ elimination and unpleasant odor removal with Plasmacluster Ion air purification technology

The Sharp Inverter 1 HP AH-XP10YMW air conditioner uses Plasmacluster Ion technology that releases positive and negative ions, which help break down the protein structure of the odor-causing molecules from bacteria activity, while simultaneously generating harmless water molecules back into the air.

Therefore, the air in the room is always fresh, eliminating unpleasant odors and contributing to the health protection of users. 

Enhance cooling efficiency with the corrosion-resistant BlueFin coating on the heat exchanger

The gas pipes are made of durable copper, and the heat exchanger is coated with a corrosion-resistant BlueFin layer, which helps the air conditioner operate well throughout its service life, contributing to enhanced cooling efficiency for the room. 

Ensure a good night's sleep with a gentle breeze mode for children and the elderly

In this mode, the cool air is gently blown out, and the unit operates quietly, providing a good night's sleep for your family, especially for young children and the elderly.

Protect health with the natural Breeze mode

When selecting the Breeze mode, the Sharp Inverter air conditioner will blow a gentle cool breeze like a natural wind, along with a stable airflow, bringing the comfort of the outdoors inside your home.

Create a cool and comfortable feeling with the gentle air blowing mode

This Sharp 1 HP unit can blow air towards the ceiling, helping to spread the cool air evenly throughout the room and creating a cool feeling no matter where you sit, reducing health impacts from direct cold air exposure.

Remember the settings, save time with the auto-restart feature after power restoration

The auto-restart feature after power restoration saves you time resetting the modes in case of a sudden power outage, convenient for nighttime use and avoiding disruption to your family's sleep. 

1HP capacity, suitable for small room areas (under 15m2)

The Sharp Inverter AH-XP10YMW operates at a capacity of 1 HP, suitable for installation in small rooms under 15m2, achieving optimal cooling efficiency and maintaining product longevity without having to operate over capacity.

In summary, the Sharp Inverter 1 HP AH-XP10YMW air conditioner is an ideal choice for rooms under 15m2. The unit not only provides energy efficiency and quiet operation but also offers users the experience of an ideal cool space with many modern features. This product will undoubtedly not disappoint you for your upcoming needs. 

Product Line J-Tech Inverter
Energy Efficiency Rating: 5
Air Conditioner Voltage (V) 220V 50Hz
Air Conditioner Airflow Direction Direct
Refrigerant R32
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hour, kW) 9.000 (2,870-10,000), 2.64 (0.84-2.94)
Power Consumption (W) 800
Water Inlet Pipe Diameter (mm) O.D ø17 và ø20
Airflow Rate 8.8/7.5/6.3/3.5
Noise Level (Maximum/High/Low/Whisper) (dB) 38/33/29/21
Dimensions (Width/Height/Depth) (mm) 879/289/229
Weight (kg) 8
Front Panel Color White
Front Grill Color White
Noise Level (High/Medium/Low) (dB) 51
Inverter Technology-1 Yes(J-Tech Inverter)
Gentle Cool Air Mode Yes
Swing Yes (2 directions)
Timer Mode Yes
Best Sleep Mode Yes
Baby Mode Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Set to 0.5°C Yes
Operation at Low Voltage 130V Yes
Comfort Mode Yes
Warranty 10 years for the compressor; 5 years for the radiator of the hot unit; 1 year for other parts
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