High Frequency Rice Cooker KS-IH191V-GL

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  • Capacity 1.8L
  • Power 1300W
  • 7-layer inner pot
  • 24-hour cooking timer function

The rice is cooked deliciously and quickly, retaining many nutrients in the food thanks to IH high-frequency cooking technology that uses a magnetic field to directly heat the pot without going through a thermal plate.

The food cooked with the Sharp high-frequency rice cooker is evenly cooked from the inside out, the rice is soft and chewy, attractive, limiting nutrient loss. Especially, using a power of up to 1300W helps save effective rice cooking time.

The Sharp rice cooker has a compact, beautiful design, a sophisticated black color, and a capacity of 1.8 liters serving well for families of 4 - 6 members.

The pot is 2.995mm thick, with 7 layers made of aluminum alloy coating that is safe for health.

Touch control along with a clear LED display is convenient for setting a maximum cooking timer of 24 hours, selecting pre-set cooking functions.

Such as cooking rice, pot rice, mixed rice, cooking white porridge, cooking meat porridge, steaming, slow cooking, soup, baking, reheating, quick cooking, helping to prepare a richer family meal.

In addition, housewives can also choose the type of rice to cook including brown rice, Japanese rice, aromatic rice, regular rice and choose the flavor of regular rice, dry rice, soft rice and burnt rice, convenient warm keeping.

Control steam for delicious cooked rice, not sticky thanks to the honeycomb-shaped inner lid, steam vent.

Equipped with a steaming rack, measuring cup, soup spoon, rice spoon.

For users to be more convenient in cooking operations with the electric rice cooker.

- Avoid directly scrubbing rice in the pot to prevent scratching the non-stick layer.
- Choose the appropriate cooking function for each ingredient to make the dish delicious and taste standard.
- After cooking, clean the pot, do not leave it for a long time to avoid the pot getting smelly.

The Sharp 1.8 liter high-frequency rice cooker KS-IH191V-BK, from the prestigious brand Sharp - Japan, manufactured in China, is an elegant, multi-functional model, delicious cooking, easy to use, a reliable choice for families.

Rice Cooker Capacity 1.8 L
Electric Rice Cooker Power 1300 W
Rice Cooker Weight 5.3 kg
Rice Cooker Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 310x387x253.5
Cooking Function Regular rice, mixed grains, porridge, steamed dishes, baking, reheating, fast cooking, scorched rice
Heat plate 3D
Maximum Keep Warm 24 hours
Cooking timer Yes (24 hours)
Non-Stick Inner Pot Yes
Control Panel LED
Control Button Touch
Accessories Included Steamer basket, measuring cup, soup spoon, rice spoon
Rice Cooker Power Cord Detachable
Warranty 12 months
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