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  • Hepa filter for FP-FP-G50E-W, FP-J40E-W, FP-GM50E-B, FP-JM40V-B models
  • Lifespan: 02 years
  • Color: Black border, white color
- Applicable Model: Sharp FP-J40E-W, FP-G50E-W air purifiers and Sharp FP-JM40V-B, FP-GM50E-B mosquito-catching air purifiers
- Product code: FZ-F50HFE
- Lifespan: up to 02 years (depending on the air quality in your home, the HEPA filter may need to be replaced sooner)
- The HEPA filter is made up of: special industrial paper woven using technology that meets H13 standards
- The odor filter is made up of: substances that absorb odors, toxins, and allergens
- Color: black border, white color
- Product set: filter, instruction book, and product box
- 100% genuine new product
- Dimensions: 240 × 380 x 30 mm
- Imported from Thailand
- Clean the machine thoroughly before installing a new filter
- Remove the nylon bag containing the filter so that the air can pass through the filter
- Regularly clean the filter every 2 weeks to ensure optimal filtering efficiency
- Do not wash with water and do not use a high-powered vacuum cleaner or hard objects that can damage or tear the filter
Corresponding Product Code FP-G50E-W, FP-J40E-W, FP-GM50E-B, FP-JM40V-B
Color Black Trim, White
Type Replacement Filter for Sharp Air Purifier
Lifespan 2 years
Warranty Type No Warranty
Origin China
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