HEPA and Odor Filter FZ-A80SFE

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  • HEPA and odor filter for FU-A80EA-W model
  • Lifespan: 2 years
  • Color: Black border, white color (HEPA filter), gray (odor filter)

The Sharp FZ-A80SFE Hepa filter and deodorizer set is imported intact from the Sharp factory located in Thailand. The product is manufactured according to rigorous quality standards from Sharp.  

Features of Sharp FZ-A80SFE Hepa filter and deodorizer set

  • The advanced HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter has the ability to eliminate 99.97% of dust, pollen, and mold, blocking PM2.5 ultra-small size dust. HEPA filter not only helps to clean the air but also limits many disease-causing agents. The health of you and your family members will be better cared for, especially those with respiratory diseases.
  • Its ability to hold and reduce the increase of: Airborne bacteria/viruses/wood plant pollen/mites/Mite feces.
  • Deodorizing ability: Pets/Body/Mold/Ammonia.
  • Retention ability: Airborne mold/Grass pollen/Wood plant pollen/Pets mites/Pet hair/Dust/Smoke/Mites/Diesel exhaust.

Instructions for use:

  • Clean the air purifier before installing/replacing the new Sharp air filter.
  • Remove the plastic layers of the new filter set before replacing the old filter.
  • Regularly clean the filter about every 2 weeks for optimal filtering efficiency.
Lưu ý: Note: Do not clean with water and do not use large-capacity vacuum cleaners or hard objects that may change the structure and reduce dust filtering ability."
Corresponding Product Code FU-A80EA-W
Color Black Trim with White (HEPA filter), Gray (Odor filter)
Type Replacement Filter for Sharp Air Purifier
Lifespan 2 years
Warranty Type No Warranty
Origin Thailand
Product Dimensions (Height x Length x Depth) 311 × 395 x 32 mm (HEPA filter); 310 × 395 x 12 mm (Odor filter)
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